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McAfee Total Protection for Data Reduction Prevention : Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) protects intellectual property and guarantees compliance by protecting sensitive information where it resides — premise, at the cloud, or even in the endpoints.

  • Time-to-value installation — Unique, noninvasive Capture technology enables businesses to build and deploy DLP policies quicker and more correctly without guesswork or trial and error.
  • Simplified policy direction — Flexible file tagging helps associations set up policies based on location and software types. Data Classification technology categorizes considerable amounts of information so only applicable documents are analyzed and remediated.
  • Proactive data security — The sole DLP solution that retains a record of information leaving the network egress points — providing you visibility to how your sensitive information has been used.

As regulations and corporate standards set increasing demands on IT to ensure secure data management, deploying mandatory protective options can appear daunting. Some information loss prevention (DLP) products require considerable effort to set up and typically possess substantial continuing consulting expenses. These products leave this up to IT to learn about all of the information that needs to be protected. Could IT be expected to learn about all of the information in the several sections of a company and the way it needs to be managed? Certainly not. It is impossible for IT to identify each the sensitive information, interpret the regulationsand interpret them into effective policies. When confronted with this problem, many businesses just fall back into “good enough” solutions which don’t offer basic security and offer little insight into continuing data-related risks.

At we’ve got a better method. We make it simple to find the solution up and running by providing it as simple elements that may begin assessing your information in minutes, not months. There is a simpler way to work out your data security issues–McAfee® Total Protection™ for Information Reduction Prevention (DLP).

Key Advantages

Unique capture technologies

  • Provides you visibility on how your information is used and how it’s leaking from your company.
  • Just DLP seller that does forensic investigation on information loss events which happened before production of principle.

More data classification

  • Instantly identifies and classifies information which is significant to every organization.
  • Prioritizes that the remediation of critical compliance information and extremely sensitive information over less critical data.
  • Quicker and easier policies with tagging
  • Location and program tagging allows you to access quicker data security.

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