How to recover your McAfee Mobile Security 6-digit pin when the device is locked?

McAfee is a world-renowned safety services supplier. Its safety options are known for supplying highly innovative security to the devices against all sort of viruses, viruses and internet threats. Can it be Windows, Mac, iOS or Android operating platform, McAfee security options are all tailor-made to meet with the security needs of devices.

If your mobile device (where McAfee cellphone security was set up) is secured because you’ve forgotten your MMS pin, then follow the below mentioned below. Before you follow these directions, make sure that Fingerprint lock is available from McAfee Mobile Security 4.9 or above variants. For recovering your snare, you will find two manners:

In first instance, on the MMS lock display, tap PIN and perform the following:

  • A temporary snare will be transmitted to a pre-selected friends/buddies. It is possible to use this trap to unlock your device.
  • If you don’t have pre-selected friends, You’ll Be sent an email such as the directions for resetting the trap

In case of MMS 2.3 or above variations, you can Request a reset connection:

  • Harness Send me an email
  • Assess your registered email ID and click on the link in the email address to reset the trap

To recover your snare with your mobile amount, you must see and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to
  • Click Locate Device
  • Pick email address and enter your email address in Addition to password
  • Now hit sign in or log in button
  • Open Settings and then click on Change Pin
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
  • Unlock your device liberally

Log into as explained above
Make Sure That your device is switched on and has an Internet or mobile connection
Strike Unlock to send an unlock control to your device

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