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Before Beginning

Check for additional safety software. If you’ve got additional security software installed on your pc, remove them using the instructions supplied by their product maker. Eliminating these safety program is essential to prevent program conflicts and enhance performance.

Follow the following steps to redeem a software product card which you bought in a shop.

Once you redeem the card, then you also can download and then set up your McAfee software and trigger your subscription.

Open an internet browser and visit the link displayed in your own retail card (by way of instance


  • Your country
  • Your speech
  • The enrollment page attempts to choose the right area, but it may not necessarily get this right.
  • Confirm that the area is correct before you proceed.


  • The registration amount from the retail card
  • Your email address
  • Click Submit.

When prompted, check your email address is accurate. If your email address is wrong:

  • Click Edit to come back to the previous display.
  • Your subscription has become activated

Follow the onscreen prompts to make a McAfee account and then set up your software.

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