Mcafee Mobile Security Anti-Theft and Data Protection

If your mobile is lost or stolen, you can enact McAfee Mobile Security’s hostile to burglary instruments remotely utilizing SMS charges or the Web comfort. You can bolt your gadget, find it by means of GPS or wipe its information by sending a SMS message with the particular order took after by your PIN, or by signing in to the Web support at and tapping on Locate, Lock or Wipe.

The Web support offers extra hostile to robbery summons. Alert makes your gadget discharge a terribly exact “shout” to enable you to find your gadget regardless of whether the ringer is quieted. On the off chance that you discover the shout excessively jolting, you can set Alarm, making it impossible to utilize your gadget’s default wake up timer sound or its default ringtone. The capacity to pick the caution sound is a little however attentive detail that I haven’t seen on some other Android antivirus application.

CaptureCam sends a fly up message to your gadget and furtively brings a photo with the forward looking camera when somebody taps on the screen. at that point messages you the photograph and the gadget’s present area in Google Maps. You can likewise set up CaptureCam to take a photograph in the event that somebody makes three, four or five unsuccessful endeavors to open your gadget.

At long last, there’s Factory Reset, Backup, Restore and Track SIM. This last choice isn’t really a charge, yet rather sends you an email with the new telephone number and your gadget’s present area in the event that somebody changes your SIM card.

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